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Posted on Fri Jan 17th, 2020 @ 4:46pm by Lieutenant JG Juliet St. Clair & Warrant Officer Elian & Commodore Nathan Russ

Mission: New Frontier
Location: Freighter Titania
Timeline: May 15th 2364 - 0810 HRS

Juliet sat alone in the small lounge of the Titania’s lower level. A feed from the Imperial News Network displayed on a wall-mounted screen. She’d been well trained in the operation of the Empire’s propaganda machine, and knew how to separate the truth from the fabrication, making the news a particularly useful source of information for her. She was comfortable, in a black robe made of Tholian silk that she’d found in Elian’s closet — a little piece he kept for whenever he had some floozy aboard, no doubt. She had to admire his taste, at least.

Elian came into the lounge, having just checked the ship’s systems, when he found her making notes on her special PADD. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched her stare intently at the screen. She was in her elements, identifying bits of useful knowledge from the half-truths broadcast on the news, a broadcast whose main purpose was to ensure that the people kept their faith in the Empire. “Anything good?” he asked, leaning against the door frame.

“Suicide bomber hit a barracks on Barzan,” she answered without looking away, still typing. “Heavy casualties.” Something she gleamed from both the images shown and the fact that they gave an exact figure of ‘three.’ She knew that they couldn’t possibly have a death toll by now, so they lied, and they lied with a very small number, meant to demoralize the terror cell into thinking they lost a man in exchange for only three. “And the Proconsul’s body double will be attending a ship launch tomorrow on Alpha Centauri III.” The real one would be in a bunker, receiving security briefings all day.

Elian snorted. “Well, we’re still on course for ‘general direction of the Romulan Neutral Zone.' Any idea when we’ll be getting our target coordinates?” They had been traveling for close to forty hours, and while he’d had the time of his life testing the integrity of the beds, chairs, floors, walls, and every surface possible with a beautiful woman, he didn’t want to cross into the zone without knowing exactly what they were doing.

That made Juliet smile, though still not look at him. “You think I have some insider information here. Honestly, Elian. You’d think you’d know by now the difference between me not knowing something versus me holding something back. All we can do is wait for instructions from the Commodore.”

He was about to say something derisive when Juliet’s PADD began to make noise. "And we needn't wait long, apparently." She rapidly muted the news. Elian started walking up to her but she held up a hand to stop him. She read the message intently, but not aloud.

Encoded on the padd the message read:

Agent J you are here by ordered and commanded to sector 221 Gamma. There you will meet with Servus. She will show you the utmost respect and luxury. If she should give you trouble, take another finger. Just a threat will likely make her shit pellets out of your hand and smile like shes loving it. She will be providing you with new, state of the art, cloaking devices. Enough for our station, the Yamato and the two support ships. She is also suppose to be providing you with a new support ship of your own. Its old, but she has a D-7 class Klingon Battleship shes looking to get rid of. Apparently it was some guy name Kangs and shes concerned the Klingons wont like finding her with it. I've had to abridge this message because the D-7 was something I was made aware of after our conversation. Bring it back in tow and be careful to avoid Klingons. Russ out.

Juliet read the PADD intently but couldn’t stop the grin from forming on her face.

Elian noticed and smirked from the doorframe. “What does it say?”

“Never mind the details,” she replied. “Sector 221 Gamma. Know it?”

The pilot shook his head. “Not really. I know it’s on the edge of the Neutral Zone, about...20 hours from here at current speed, but I’ve never been there. I think there’s a space station?”

Juliet nodded. “Our contact is there. An asset that belongs to Commodore Russ. Set a course and come back down.” Elian left the social room to return to the cockpit. While he was gone, she composed a message, which she encrypted and sent back. Vasquez in her department would receive it and forward it to Russ.

“Message received. En route to 221 Gamma. Estimate contact with Servus in 24 hours. Will signal once assets are secure. J out.

A moment later, Elian came back down. “We’re on our way. Won’t be long now.” He walked further into the room and smirked. “So, another day to kill?”

Juliet locked the PADD, set it on the coffee table, and beckoned Elian closer. As he approached, she slid the robe off her arms and let the top of it fall to her waist. She remained sitting as Elian stood in front of her. She ran her hands as high up his chest as they could reach, before lowering them to his waist, where she helped unbuckle him.

He simply closed his eyes and let himself enjoy the experience the lovely spy was giving him.

One of the Intel officers handed Russ a padd with the message on it from Juliet. Russ read the message then erased the padd. He handed it back to the Intel officer with a nod and a single word, "roger".


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