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Making an Empire is tough

Posted on Tue Dec 3rd, 2019 @ 12:12pm by Commodore Nathan Russ & Commander Jordyn Hopkins & Lieutenant Tomoe Nobunaga & Lieutenant Tobias Hobbs & Lieutenant JG Howard Ludovisi & Lieutenant JG Juliet St. Clair & Ensign Stephenie Faire & Ensign Aurora Rhyan

Mission: New Frontier
Location: Star Base Takayanagi - Conference Room
Timeline: May 13th 2364 - 1030 HRS

Sitting inside the conference room with the other officers and enlisted, Tomoe was sipping on a hot cup of tea made out of genetically altered and enhanced Oolong tea DNA, that she had
recently gotten from her father. Now sitting n the conference room ahead of the others, Tomoe just sat back sipping her tea watching the entire crew enter and sit in the vast conference room.

Watching each one enter, she already had an idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Finally, as everyone stood up for the Captain, she could see that he was not a man to trifle with, but would prove to be an exceptional antagonist when the time came for her to kill him,

Russ was the last one to enter the room. He moved in and after barley registering someone calling the room to attention, he saluted and moved to his chair. He stood behind the chair and looked around before speaking in a loud, more commanding voice.

"Very good job, every one, very good job. This base is ours and with minimal resistance. Now, the bad news. Our recently assigned Marine CO was killed during the taking of this station. So we will need a new one soon enough. In the mean time, we have work to do", Nathan started.

"A New Orleans class gun boat and a Soyuz class frigate have been dispatched to serve as our support ships along with the Yamato. With that said, Commander Hopkins, you will take Lieutenant Nobunaga and Ensign Rhyan to the Manheim Temporal research station. There you will find out what bug crawled up their asses that prevents them from reporting in. I am assigning you as the permanent commanding officer for the ISS Yahagi.

She is the New Orleans class gunboat. Use her for this mission, and break her in", Nathan stated then looked to Hobbs as he continued, "Lieutenant Hobbs, you will take Lieutenant Ludovisi and Ensign Faire along with the Soyuz class destroyer Isokaze and head back to the star base to pick up the supplies we need that we did not bring with us on the Yamato. I will remain and continue to oversee our new homes development. Lieutenant St. Clair has other, special orders, from command that she will be briefed on in her office when we are done. Any questions?"

Seconds later a slightly deep sounding female voice rang out from the back of the room..Standing up Tomoe said "Captain, what is my official capacity on the ISS Yahagi, and what will I be doing on the ISS Yahagi as the Commander takes command of hte ship?"

"I am very glad you asked that", Nathan said with a previously not seen smile that would scare the ridges out of a Klingon. This was a darker grin than he had previously shown, a side he rarely dipped into, "Any time I assign an officer to command a ship, that officer is your commanding officer till you return, so, in this case Commander Hopkins will give you your orders when she sees fit and no one will ever skip the chain of command and go above their commanding officer to me directly again. I hope I have made myself clear?"

Not fazed by the answer, Tomoe answered in her usual monotone voice ’YES SIR’. I will obey my Commanding Officer, and pledge my life to protect him/her from harm.

However, Tomoe had another agenda that came all the way from the Emperor himself, she was to go to the Mannheim Temporal Research Station, and deal with an issue that was of concern to the Emperor. The information though not well known to many senior officers that the Emperor had found out several months ago that Dr. Mannheim and others among his staff had been refusing to follow regulations, and that his refusal to follow orders could be a signal for rebels to begin open warfare against the Empire.

Normally the Emperor would send in spies or moles to ferret out the persons involved, once they were located, and detained; a special ISS ship from the Emperors Bodyguards would take the accused to earth where they would stand trial, tried, and executed in the most horrific way in the Arena, where billions of subjects would watch with glee as they watched the accused die in the most excruciating way. However, four of the Emperor's most trusted assassins had all been found out, and all died in the most gruesome way.

So now the Emperor wanted someone who was not well known to the Admiralty, the Imperial Army General Staff, Starfleet Intelligence, and Section 31.

Sitting down in her chair, Tomoe pulled out her PADD, and began to research the military jackets of both Commander Hobbs, and Ens Rhyan, for she would need these two to help her with her mission. Reading through both Officer's official military jacket. Tomoe sat back in her chair with her Cheshire Cat smile, continued to read with interests on the two officers. She also looked at the crew and found one other enlisted who would fill her needs. Crewman Rangle, who was a computer technician, he would be her eyes on the research station.

Jordyn was a little surprised by the news, command of her own vessel. She wanted to learn everything she could about the ISS Yahagi. At the moment, she did not have any questions.

Aurora looked to Nobunaga who sat back in her chair, with this Chessire Cat look about her, and nodded, it looked like Nathan was planning on spreading his people out thin for the time being. She didn’t like the idea but she’d do her job.

Hobbs wasn’t entirely happy with his mission but he was loyal if nothing else. “Yes Sir!” He replied. Running an errand to pick up supplies wasn’t a bad job but he couldn’t wrap around the feeling that Russ did not value him nor his loyalty. Still, he would run the errand as ordered. He had made the decision to stay for as long as he felt valued. When the day came he knew he wasn’t he would be gone.

“Straight forward enough,” Lieutenant Ludovisi thought to himself, though downgrading to a Soyuz-class destroyer after being stationed on a Galaxy-class battleship made the man frown in disappointment. What made it even plausibly bearable was that Mr Hobbs had remained an enigma thus far, and this mission would likely allow them both the opportunity to dispel such mystique. There was also a high likelihood, or at least there was the expectation on his part, that he’d be back running Operations aboard the Yamato soon enough. The Ensign, however - Howard had largely been avoiding the woman since the party. In his head they’d both made less than stellar first impressions on one another, and he was in no hurry to find himself repeating his Old-Man-River routine.

“Hell you *are* old, Howard,” he quipped silently in his head, “Only one close to your age is the Commodore, and he still might be younger than you.” That age and experience is what kept Howard from speaking out of turn during meetings such as these; he’d observed enough dumb questions and extraneous commentary answered with varying degrees of malice and agony to know it wasn’t worth risking the experience just to hear himself talk, even if he’d limited his opportunities to progress in rank..

Juliet nodded to her Commodore. "I'll report to my office for my orders once we're dismissed, sir. Is this Eyes-Only or do you wish to be present for the briefing?"

Jordyn was standing right behind Juliet, wondering what she meant by that comment. Whenever Juliet would be near the Commodore, she would make it an effort, not to be to far behind. she still did not trust the intelligence officer. "Going so fast Lieutenant, why the rush?" Jordyn asked her with a big grin. "Were all friends, here."

"Indeed, Commander," Juliet replied with a smile. "But I get the feeling that the Commodore values his time and wouldn't like it it we dillydallied. There is work to be done."

TAG Jordyn, if desired

"Jordyn, word from the admiralty is that Doctor Manheim simply refuses to follow regulations. The Emperor is concerned he may be plotting something against his authority and against the Empire. You are to persuade him to start reporting in by any means other than killing him. However, the Emperor said nothing about not killing the mans wife or colleagues", Nathan began, "As for you Lieutenant Hobbs. Do not take your assignment lightly. There are still way too many rebel ships around. It is highly likely your trip will cross path with at least one and a lot of them are much stronger than the piece of shit Soyuz class frigate Fleet sought fit to insult us with. I'm sorry but the Yamato is sitting this one out for some long needed maintenance. Our engineering crews will be cleaning her up and getting her ready in case things call for a battleship."

“Yes sir.” Hobbs nodded. He was more than ready to handle the assignment.

Jordyn grinned as she thought that Juliet was saved by the Commodore. "I'll take the small victories where I can sir." Jordyn said, as she started to plan out, who to kill first.

Russ looked square at Jordyn, "Don't worry Commander, I have major victories planned for all of us soon enough. But for the moment, we have to do a little house cleaning for the Emperor."

"Yes sir." Jordyn said, like a good teran solider. It was not a total loss, she did get a starship out of it. She already imagined, what it would be like, to have her own ship. Now she has one.

So Hopkins and Hobbs won't be around then, Juliet thought. Excellent....

Stephenie had just caught her name, pausing momentarily from fixing her bangs to see she would be on order to do next. The results were anything but encouraging. It wasn't so much the bland routine errand of picking up supplies, but the company that made her almost groan with an eye roll. Hobbs had all the social skills as a badger just kicked out of it's hole, and Ludovisi was quiet literally a buzz kill after their last encounter. It was going to be a very long quiet voyage by all accounts.

"If there are no further questions, then you are dismissed. I realize standard imperial policy is to treat the remaining elements of the stations personnel like shit, but please refrain for now. We will soon have a cache of imperial slaves aboard to be trained to take care of the trivial and mundane tasks of this station but until that happens I'd like to keep the stations remaining population as happy as possible to insure they don't try to kill us in our sleep or blow up the station or something. We will introduce them to the typical Terran doctrine or the vacuum of space soon enough. If your feeling the need to beat up some one or something, we have plenty of lower ranks that could use attitude adjustments", Russ stated.


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